Toyota Secondary Air Injection System.

After quite a duration of time using mechanical injection technology there came the injection system. Air injection came as a result of electronic injection which was based on the early mechanical injection; through this system, injection is regulated electronically. This way it makes it better than its predecessor the carburetor system. Among the advantages of the injection system is that the dose injected electronically takes in to account the engine speed and temperature hence making it possible to have a cold start and no damage can be caused during heating. Learn more about  Hewitt-Tech,  go here. 

Air intake system of a car rely on do need the car owner's undivided attention, thou this does not imply that the other parts are less important. This is so because it's the part that makes the car perform with maximum efficiency and power. The air intake system of a car helps in pumping air into a powerful form so as it is able to travel into the combustion chamber of the vehicle by increasing air velocity. Find out for further details on  secondary air injection  right here. 

The process by which air and fuel penetrate the car's cylinder is still another very important aspect that a car owner should always know about. Whether the car uses the old module of the carburetor or it's being injected electronically. The advantage of this system is that it reduces air pollution by reduction of the gases that are being emitted by the moving vehicle. There is two main classification of system injection, mainly the single point and multipoint. In single point injection system just like the name suggests, there is only one injector for air in the manifold. On the other hand, multipoint injection system has one injector per cylinder.

Despite these two categories there still exits other classifications mostly on whether the system is injected directly or indirect, also whether the operation used is electronic, electrical or mechanical all these are systems of injection on a vehicle. An emission analyzer is mostly used on these automobiles in order to measure properly appropriate incoming air to mix with the fuel of a standstill car. However, during high speed, it can't be possible to measure the proper fuel and air mixture. Fuel injection is used by some vehicles in order to draw in the air. Throttle position sensor is also a very important part of an automotive that would require good care. Depending on the make of the vehicle that one is using it is good to understand its system so as the vehicle can serve you better. Take a look at this link for more information.